Sound-Spelling Cards ⦁ Visually represent transferable and non-transferable sounds, letters, and letter patterns using Spanish/English cognates as mnemonic devices to maximize cross-linguistic transfer.
Picture Word Cards⦁ Provide concrete examples in English and Spanish of transferable and nontransferable sounds and letters.
⦁ Offers a source for vocabulary and language development connected to word study.
Teaching Routine and Strategy Cards ⦁ Provide instructional routines for transferable and nontransferable phoneme-grapheme instruction.
⦁ Provide instructional routine samples for the various program model types (bilingual/dual language).
ABC Lap Books⦁ Offer engaging rhymes using alliteration and a source for shared reading, classroom dialogue, and foundational skills instruction.
Teacher’s Handbook⦁ Supports teacher’s instruction of explicit transfer.
⦁ Provides a sound research base.
⦁ Provides engaging activities that promote biliteracy.
Assessment Tools⦁ Provides a way to monitor student progress and correlate primary and second language learning.
Digital Version⦁ Picture resources provided in digital format for manipulation on smartboards.