Cross-Linguistic Transfer Inventory Record

Teachers monitor students’ biliteracy development by evaluating sound-spelling recognition in both English and Spanish using a Cross-Linguistic Sound-Spelling Inventory Record. This inventory is given on an individual basis. Each language is assessed at a separate time. Students are assessed on sound-spellings that have already been taught for transfer, in addition to the letter name and sound, and students are asked to say a word that begins with the sound. Students progress systematically through each level, beginning with level A, then level B, and finally, with level C, which contains the more complex English-specific sound-spellings.

Using the Results

Once a set of letters has been assessed in one language, the same letters are assessed in the other language. By taking the inventory in both languages and noting them in the same record, teachers will be able to monitor students’ trajectories and reinforce instruction as needed in each language. They will have evidence for what a student already knows in each language and will be able to correlate students’ knowledge in one language to the other. The correlated records will affirm student cross-linguistic knowledge as well as reveal gaps that can be addressed.