The Sound-Spelling Transfer Kit

The cross-linguistic Sound-Spelling Transfer Kit provides routines, literacy manipulatives, picture word cards, and other resources to facilitate intentional, strategic, and systematic cross-linguistic instruction.

Foundational Literacy Skills in Core Instructional Programs

The lessons in the Sound-Spelling Transfer Kit are intended to reinforce skills that students already possess in one language and provide an instructional opportunity for teaching cross-linguistic skills and strategies that will enable students to explicitly transfer those skills by comparing and contrasting the sound-spelling relations that exist in their target language. These lessons do not replace the foundational skills instruction in a core program; however, they amplify, reinforce, and support the bridging instruction for transfer.

Foundational literacy skills, in either English or Spanish, address print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics, word recognition, and fluency. These skills are critical for all learners to attain basic literacy and are comprehensively taught in Core Language Arts programs. These lessons provide essential and fundamental prerequisite instruction for the cross-linguistic transfer lessons provided by the Sound-Spelling Transfer Kit. In other words, the Sound-Spelling transfer kit is a supplement to the comprehensive foundational skills in Core Instructional Programs.

The Sound-Spelling Transfer Kit combines explicit instruction with engaging activities to:

  • Reinforce and build on students, L1 literacy understanding
  • Explicitly teach them how to apply what they know about Spanish to English
  • Maximize skill transfer, language acquisition, and biliteracy

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