Standards-Based Teaching for Transfer

Standards-based teaching for transfer is integral in the success of students in biliteracy instructional contexts. In addition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts (ELA), the Common Core en Español (SDCOE 2012) state standards present a grade-by-grade articulation between the strands of English Language Arts and Spanish Language Arts.

The Common Core en Español also includes linguistic augmentation standards that address points of learning, skills, and concepts that are specific to Spanish language and literacy, as well as transferable language constructs between English and Spanish for students who are being instructed in both languages. The Common Core en Español standards, including the linguistic augmentation standards, promote the same expectations and level of rigor for Spanish Language Arts as educators expect for English Language Arts.

Attention to cross-linguistic transfer in language and literacy learning strengthens the overall CCSS language arts implementation as it suggests a means to address issues of new or second language acquisition to meet realistic language proficiency continuum targets and enhance student achievement in all areas of the curriculum.

Planning a Standards-Based Transfer Lesson

  • Determine grade-level standards targets in L1 and L2
  • Recognize the language subsystem
  • Analyze the transference relationship between L1 and L2
  • Plan transfer by design lesson sequence
  • Prepare instructional materials
  • Teach explicitly in L1
  • Explicitly link L1 skills to L2
  • Teach explicitly in L2